Success Stories

People across the country are using BE SAFE with great results! Here are some of the success stories they’ve shared with us. Please contact so we can share your stories, videos or photos on this page!

Live-in-Your-Car Traffic Stops

In Albany New York, the Autism Society of the Greater Capital Region is helping new drivers BE SAFE when they get pulled over by doing “Live in Your Car Traffic Stops.” First, they bring new drivers on the autism spectrum together to meet local police. Next, the officers and young drivers watch Episode 5 of BE SAFE the Movie together. Finally, everyone gets in their cars, and the police “pull over” each young driver to practice what to do and say in that situation, including telling the officer about their autism. What a great idea! Here is AS GCR Executive Director Janine Kruiswijk explaining this impactful program!

Participants at the BE SAFE Certificate Course in San Antonio Texas get involved in safety activities and are prepared to teach youth and adults of all abilities how to BE SAFE.