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We help the police and individuals with disabilities understand one another and interact safely.

Promoting Safe Interactions with the Police

Audience: Teens and adults with ASD and similar disabilities, their parents, caregivers, teachers, behaviorists, therapists, adult services staff, transition specialists, and school administrators. Local police and first responders are encouraged to attend.

Presentation Description: Don’t miss this community event for teens and adults with ASD and related disabilities (along with their parents, caregivers, teachers, therapists and staff). We will view scenes from BE SAFE The Movie, the exciting new video modeling tool that shows what to do and say in different types of police encounters. Local police will be on hand to try out fun safety activities with the audience. The messages of safety, boundaries, and following instructions in this presentation are relevant to every teen and adult, and can even be life-saving. Click below to watch our video.

Audience: Parents, chapter leaders, educators, service providers, the police and others who wish to have direct training to use the BE SAFE materials.

Presentation Description: This engaging six-hour interactive workshop empowers participants with the information and tools they need to address the safety needs of teens and adults with ASD. Participants will view all episodes of BE SAFE The Movie, an exciting new video modeling tool that helps prepare students for a safe and independent life. The Companion Curriculum will be explored in depth, including games, activities, resources and goals for transition. Trainees will be prepared to make a difference in the life of every teen and adult with ASD and receive a certificate of course completion.

Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are particularly vulnerable in police encounters and emergency situations due to features of their disorder. Experience Autism® is an engaging training that helps law enforcement professionals recognize the signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and respond to the needs of this population, to improve outcomes for everyone involved. Our hands-on activities help law enforcement professionals and other first responders recognize the signs of autism and respond to the needs of individuals with ASD. Experience Autism® can help law enforcement agencies reduce risk and improve outcomes for everyone involved.

As the autism population continues to grow and more children with autism grow up, law enforcement officials want training to recognize ASD and respond effectively. Experience Autism® can help!

Book your Experience Autism® training now. You will select 4-6 simulation activities designed to help officers feel what it is like to have different features of ASD and understand the point of view of people on the spectrum in different emergency situations.

Direct connections are made to help officers apply perspective and understanding to their work, including exploring specific techniques that may be helpful for interacting with individuals with ASD.

Experience-Autism-Image-Strip Simulation Activities help officers understand the social-communication, behavioral and sensory features of Autism Spectrum Disorders. Simulations include:

Clip It -Fine motor
Write On -Information Processing
Say What? -Communication
Do You Read Me? -Nonverbal Cues
The Envelope Please -Social Skills
Chaos -Sensory Issues
References available. Check out the Experience Autism® Video

Experience-Autism-Image-StripVisit the Experience Autism® webpage for more information or contact us,

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