BE SAFE Companion Curriculum:
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BE SAFE Teaching Edition is a unique tool that you can use to teach teen or adults to interact safely with the police in everyday encounters.

  • BE SAFE Teaching Edition includes a DVD of BE SAFE The Movie plus a 300-page Curriculum on CD-ROM.
  • Differentiated Curriculum Lessons are matched to each episode of BE SAFE The Movie.
  • Use these user-friendly discs together to reach a wide range of learners.

Educators, parents and staff can choose from the curriculum activities, games and materials to build skills and reinforce key safety messages with these 7 Lessons. See below for some examples.

Lesson 1: Laws Help us BE SAFE
Pre-program questionnaire
Three picture dictionaries of vocabulary matched to Episode 1 of BE SAFE The Movie
The Law & Me Activity

Lesson 2: Law Enforcement Officers help us BE SAFE
BE SAFE Charades, to learn to respond to nonverbal cues from police
Mime Time, to practice using and responding to gestures
The “Innocent Mistake” video modeling script to role play the scenario from BE SAFE The Movie

Lesson 3: Uniforms and Safety Tools
Seven pages to teach about personal space and boundaries in a concrete manner
The “Casual Encounter” video modeling script to role play the BE SAFE scenario
Seven visual tools that emphasize keeping your hands to yourself when you meet the police.

Lesson 4: Stay Calm When You Meet the Police
Just Do It  and Officer Simon Says,  activities to help students practice following instructions from police
The “Mistaken Identity” video modeling script to role play the scenario from BE SAFE The Movie
Six visual tools that emphasize following instructions from police

Lesson 5: Self-Disclosure (Tell the Police About Your Disability)
What to Know About Me,  an activity for self-awareness and self-disclosure
The “Pull Over” video modeling script to role play the scenario from BE SAFE The Movie
The Asking for Help Game so learners can practice asking police for help

Lesson 6: The Right to Remain Silent
Law and Order,  an activity to explore all the steps in an arrest procedure
My Silent Script that helps learners understand the Right to Remain Silent
Six visual tools that emphasize the rights and protections everyone has

Lesson 7: BE SAFE in an Emergency
911 Home Run,  an activity to practice giving information to a 911 operator
The “911 Call” and “Paramedics” video modeling scripts to role play the scenes from BE SAFE The Movie
Post-program questionnaire


The Curriculum CD-ROM is also available separately in SPANISH, Cuídate Guía de Enseñanza.
It’s the perfect companion to BE SAFE The Movie (viewed with the Spanish Subtitles on).

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