Don’t Leave Safety to Chance

What would your child or student with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) do in an encounter with the police? Run? Fight? Shut down? Melt down? Those are scary possibilities. Yet while more and more children with ASD are growing up, teaching safety skills for interacting with the police is often neglected. Many teens and adults on the spectrum have never received the skill building they need to be safe.

Whether we are parents, professionals or individuals with ASD, we cannot afford to leave safety to chance. It is not enough to just train the police about ASD. Explictly teaching those with ASD and similar conditions what to do in different situations involving the police is essential for a safe and independent life.

BE SAFE The Movie and BE SAFE Teaching Edition are the exciting new teaching tools you have been waiting for! In BE SAFE The Movie, actors with autism and related disabilities interact with real police officers, modeling safe words and actions. Lessons in the Companion Curriculum offer materials to reach a wide range of learners.

You can use BE SAFE The Movie and activities from the Curriculum Guide to teach seven key skills:

1. Follow the law to be safe.
2. Stay where you are when you meet the police.
3. Keep your hands to yourself when you meet the police (don’t touch their stuff!).
4. When the police tell you to do something, just do it.
5. Tell the police about your disability.
6. Remain silent if arrested.
7. How to call 911.

BE SAFE and other resources on this website can help you be proactive about safety, starting today.
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